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What should we pay attention to when buying livestock?

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1, safety, long life
Livestock stove structure should be avoided fillet weld and cone furnace, hot air furnace aquaculture low stress, the use of corrugated furnace, full pull side butt weld;
2, Livestock contribute foot stove
Livestock stove heating surface (hot swap capability)
3. Livestock stove high efficiency, energy saving
Livestock stove heating surface heating surface layout is reasonable, good heat boiler (small heat loss)
4, livestock stove load change adaptability
Livestock stove steam space, steam storage capacity, open steam valve wide open to the breeding of small heater furnace pressure change is small (due to pressure changes will affect the pot steam temperature changes), so relatively pot shell diameter or shape larger load adaptability.
5, mechatronics
Livestock stove furnace water supply, pressure protection, water protection (must be multiple protection), flame protection, gas pressure and leak detection protection, centralized control of multiple boilers, remote control, and protection of all kinds linked to high standards, are reliable simple operation to fool;
6, Livestock stove repair maintenance aspects
Livestock must be at the beginning of the bottom of the stove holes for inspection and cleaning sludge pot scale, before and after the smoke box easy to open, do not leak smoke.
7, yet the United States
Livestock stove looks, fine craft, outsourcing high strength, good lap, paint lasting, depending on the good sense;
8, good animal husbandry and supporting quality stove
Livestock stove supporting electrical, pumps, valves, meters must be high quality, reliable to work.
9, must meet the energy saving standards of the country.

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