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    Qingzhou Baixin Machinery  Co.,LTD Our company is specializing in the production of ventilation and  cooling, heating, drying equipment, aquaculture production of high-tech  enterprises, the company has strong technical force, with the most  advanced machining equipment, is a reliable guarantee of product  quality.
   The company has established a perfect modern management system, with  strong development capacity and market competition ability.
   The main products are:
   Heating equipment: automatic fuel hot air machine, full automatic  coal-fired hot blast machine, full automatic gas hot blast machine, full  automatic electric energy blast machine, automatic coal water heating,  hot dual-purpose heating machine, greenhouse, Birdhouse plumbing fan.
   Cooling equipment: greenhouse dedicated fan, animal husbandry fan, suction fan, fan, horn breeze machine cowshed, butterfly
   The breeze machine, flow special greenhouse fan, circulating fan, wet paper curtain, curtain wall
   Ventilation: ventilation window, animal husbandry greenhouse electric louver ventilation window, hood.
   As a focus on temperature control equipment of the enterprises,  Baixin committed to temperature control products to global consumers  with advanced technology, reliable quality. In all parts of the country  for the tens of thousands of users to provide quality products, to  create value for customers and provide reliable foundation.

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