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Water plumbing stove, filled with water and scale should I do?

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    Minor plumbing stove water points dry and serious water shortages. If the water level is below a predetermined minimum water level, but can see the water, or the water level is not visible, but can be seen with the Water Act when called, it is a slight lack of water. If the water level is not visible with the invisible law also called water when the water level is a serious water shortage.
    Plumbing stove Water scarcity is one of the major accident boiler operation, serious water shortages will cause burst pipes, if not handled properly, in the case of a sudden entirely Griddle water can cause extremely serious consequences.
    Plumbing stove water treatment methods:
    1, when a low-level alarm has just occurred, other operating parameters is still normal, drum water level gauge only see water, water law called with visible water level, is slightly dry, three impulses can be changed to a single parameter is automatically adjusted, or replaced manual control strengthen Sheung Shui. The water level is normal, check the three impulses governing system, and gradually put into use three impulses no problem. As the water level is still low after the Sheung Shui to strengthen or keep her, the water flow meter to check whether the problem; to check the operation of the pump; sewage inspection, if necessary, temporarily stop all sewage; check to make sure the plumbing stove heat Is there a rupture tube leaks; report on duty squad reduce boiler load.
    2, when the water level has not seen SAIC package, called by Water Act can not see water, superheated steam temperature rises, the pressure rises, indicating already severe water shortage, then the monitor should be immediately reported to take emergency shutdown measures.
    What is the plumbing stove full of water? How to deal?
    Full plumbing stove full of water and severe water slightly with water. If the water level at the highest water level or above a predetermined level is invisible, but with the waters approach can be seen when compared with slightly full of water; with the waters approach still do not see then it is filled with water when the water level of a serious .
When occurs plumbing stove full of water, the water level alarm emits high water level alarm, steam began to take water, steam quality decline, increased salinity, superheated steam temperature drops. Severe full of water, and even boiler water into the steam line, causing water vapor line hit, seriously affecting the operation of the reformer. Resulting in conversion of boiler water and steam to carbon ratio volatility elevated levels of chlorine and other poison, more seriously damaged turbines, bearing damage.
    Processing method when filled with water:
    1, when superheated steam drum steam pressure and temperature is normal, only the water level high, should take the following measures: wash were compared with the drum water level indicator, which indicates to check whether it is normal, the water is automatically adjusted to manual to reduce water flow, so that the water level back to normal.
    2, when the grave is full of water, superheated steam temperature to drop or steam pipe water hammer, you should do the following: Manually stop the water; open big stove drain water drain valve; please notify the shift foreman conversion job to take appropriate measures.
    3, the above measures do not work, manually interlock parking.
    What is the scale? What is slag?
    Impurities in the water to warm the furnace into the culture, some form solid deposits on the metal surface, such attachments firmly attached to the metal surface, said scale, the scale is not easy to remove, poor thermal conductivity, thermal equipment economic security running great harm. Some impurities into the plumbing inside the stove, from the water to precipitate a solid which was suspended in water or sludge, sediment deposited in the form of stagnant water flow of parts, such as the bottom of the drum, the bottom of the lower header and a variety of waterwall heat exchange substance called slag, a bottom of the tank, these sediment in suspension and shape.
    Plumbing stove heated metal surface after the formation of boiler scale what harm?
    The scale of harm plumbing stove has the following four aspects:
    1, resulting in damage to the metal plumbing stove heating surface, reducing the life of plumbing stove;
    2, reduce the thermal efficiency, increase or decrease the consumption of natural gas boiler output;
    3, increasing the number of chemical cleaning, chemical cleaning agents to consume;
    4, plumbing stove impurities in the water can be concentrated in the sediment, causing metal corrosion.
    Calcium, magnesium causes and prevention of scale?
    Calcium and magnesium scale formation is due to the concentration of calcium and magnesium salts in the water exceeds their solubility, precipitation from the water along with the rough metal heating surface, the formation of scale. Concentration exceeding the solubility reasons: First, the water is heated continuously evaporated, concentrated salt water continuously; Second, some calcium, magnesium compound solubility decreases with increasing temperature; and some of the water-soluble calcium, magnesium compound, in the heating process, a chemical reaction to produce a substance insoluble in water. To prevent this kind of scale on the one hand to minimize the hardness of the water supply, on the other hand to prevent the leakage of the condenser, and were pot-treatment. Generally use phosphate treatment under the law is in the boiler water alkaline condition, phosphate solution was added, so that phosphate in water maintained at a certain concentration range, calcium ions in water will form a basic calcium phosphate is reacted with a small amount magnesium silicate and the water generated serpentine two reaction products are the property of insoluble compounds, plumbing stove in a dispersed water, soft water slag, boiler blowdown discharged easily with the plumbing stove, do not adhere to the heat surface to form a secondary scale.

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